Year 2020
September 2020


02 Sep 2020


Co-developed by experienced material testers, the compact ultrasonic flaw detector SONOSCREEN ST10 for NDT unites high performance requirements with consistent user orientation.

A clear menu structure guides the tester quickly through all necessary pre-test settings. All menu items are displayed in plain English and an edible probe database of all probes assures an effective working process.

The SONOSCREEN ST10 can be used for all conventional ultrasonic tests such as weld inspections, wall thickness measurements and the detection of discontinuities, which includes invisible cracks, inclusions, voids and other discontinuities in metals, plastics, ceramics and composites. Designed for rough applications, the ultrasonic flaw detector stands firm to extreme temperatures between -20 to 60 °C, with the large, high-resolution 8″ graphic display showing all measurement results at a glance.

Matching the flaw detector SONOSCREEN ST10 we offer you a wide range of standard as well as customized probes.



  • Great Performance and intuitive menu navigation
  • High performing square wave transmitter
  • High-resolution 8″ graphic display, 16:9 format
  • 5 ns resolution over the entire measurement range
  • robust aluminum housing, IP66 certified
  • 2 GB internal memory for storing up to 60.000 A-scans plus device configuration
  • External data storage on USB flash drive


  • Weld seam testing
  • Casting and forging inspection
  • Sheet metal testing
  • Plastic and composite testing
  • Wheel and axle testing
  • Wall thickness measurement

Technical data

Flyer Sonoscreen ST10

Probe Catalogue NDT