IDT R-2K High Speed Camera
Year 2020
September 2020

IDT R-2K High Speed Camera

02 Sep 2020


The R Series 2K is a revolutionary camera system that delivers simultaneous LIVE and SLOW MOTION video streams while transferring images at 10G Ethernet speed to your computer. Its compact size is ideal for a wide range of applications spanning from live broadcast action sports to quick troubleshooting of fast events. The R Series supports an image resolution of 2048 x 1080 @ 360 standard with a USB-C Signal Hub (1473-0100). 24V Power Supply (1467- 0110), 5m USB-C Cable (1421-0402-1) and Varizoom VZ-Stealth-LX LANC Controller (1503-0100).


  • Dual 3G SDI
  • Global Shutter
  • Ultra-compact form factor
  • 10G Ethernet


  • Simultaneous Live and Slow Motion video streams
  • Blur-free Images
  • Designed for space-limited environments
  • Fast image transfer speeds

 Specification Sheet: R-2K_20200909

Interface Control Document: r_series_icd