Porous tube(ePTFE) C-Porous™

It is a product made by using the porous PTFE.
It is a soft tube whose air permeability can be changed by adjusting the porosity.
Multi-lumen can also be done.


●Oxygen sensor
●Gas bent of ECU and head lights
●Cable protection


●It possesses air permeability and water-repellent property.
●It possesses weather resistance, chemical resistance, slipping property, flexibility and heat insulation.
●Multi-lumen can also be done.

General dimensions table
Inside diameter (Ø) Outside diameter (Ø) Length (m)
1 2 10
2 3
3 4
8 10 1
10 12
12 14

※The tube size of inside diameter 8 to 12, and outside diameter 10 to 14 are not available due to the manufacturing adjustment right now.