Equipment for NDT and Industry

Professional Equipment for
Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Testing

NDT-optimized UV-LED Sources Without Compromises:

  • Handheld-Lamps

  • Stationary Lamps

  • Splash-Proof LampS

  • Custom DesignS

UVE365-S712W-FL stationary UV LED flood lamp with revolutionary white light dimming UVE365 H1-18W FL UV LED handlamp with electronic LED monitoring for maximum process security

optimized Optimized Electrostatic Spraying for FPI

SECU-CHEK optimized electrostatic spraying for penetrant powder developer

Penetrant Lines for FPI

  • manual

  • semi-automatic

  • full-automatic

  • components

Process Consulting

Equipment and Consumables for Magnetic Particle Testing

  • Benches

  • Yokes

  • Field-Meters

  • Accessories

SECU-CHEK MTU 3 EN ISO 9934 Testpiece

Ultrasonic Couplants

RIL-CHEMIE ANKORIL ultrasonic couplant water based

Engineered and Made in Germany

SECU-CHEK Icon NDT - Non Destructive TestingSECU-CHEK Icon Germany

by NDT Experts for NDT Professionals