UV LED Lamps
UVE365 H2-24W FL UV LED handlamp with extra large and uniform beam

H224 Handlamp Serie

with and without the innovative

automatic dimming of

the integrated white light

UVE365 H1-18W FL UV LED handlamp with electronic LED monitoring for maximum process security, approved acc. ASTM E-3022 and Rolls Royce RRES 90061

H1 Handlamp Series

3 sub series – 48 models

the perfect UV LED handlamp for every specific application


Choose the perfect UV LED
for your specific application!

  • 50+ UV-A LED Handlamps

  • 25+ stationary UV LED blacklights

  • 10+ splashproof UV LED lamps

  • 5+ waterproof UV LED lamp

  • 48+ models ASTM E-3022 qualified

  • 86+ models  EN ISO 3059 qualified

  • 18+ models Airbus AITM 6-1001 (issue 11) qualified

  • 25+ models Rolls-Royce RRES 90061qualified

  • 80+ models 100+ models conform to EN ISO 3059-12, Pratt & Whitney and The Boeing Company, further  Aerospace and major non-destructive testing (NDT) requirements

  • Ready for NADCAP / NUCAP cheklist AC 7114/1 and AC 7114/2

  • mains powered, battery powered handlamp and stationary lamp available for all standards above

  • numberless customers solutions

UVS365 B672 splashproof UV LED lamp for penentrant washing stations UVE365-S712W-FL stationary UV LED flood lamp with revolutionary white light dimming approved acc. ASTM E-3022 and Rolls Royce RRES 90061 UVS365 WP waterproof UV LED lamp with integrated liquid cooling



and integrated features for cost and time efficient work


also in very short minimum working distance for clear view and observation

NO blind spots, NO cloudiness, NO tiny variations, NO structured textures (scratchy variation),
NO splashy fragments in the surrounding area.

LARGE MAIN BEAM (< 1.200 µW/cm²)

with large soft dropping surrounding area (< 100 µw/cm²) for optimal easy detection and full orientation

Perfect substitute for 100 W Mercury (Hg) Vapour Lamps, 35 W Xenon (MPXL) and 400 W Metal Halide Bulb based HID UV Sources, without any compromises


for uninterrupted observation while adding or fading to white light WiTHOUT flash-blinding the eyes

  • adjustable white light output

  • white light in addition to UV (UV and White light together)

  • white light toggling (white light only)

  • automatic soft dimming of the white light when pushing the button

  • automatic crossfade between UV and white light

  • whit light hold

  • high qualitiy of white light (Ra ≥ 90, 5.000 or 5.700 Kelvin)


for inspection, at more secure and stable as when using Mercury Vapour lamps

  • auto shut-off when single UV LED elements fail (monitoring of single UV LED elements)

  • auto shut-off if battery gets low (without additional intensity drop)

  • continiuous system helath monitoring

  • electronic cooling monitoring

  • electronic fan controlling

  • acoustical, optical and vibrating signalization


to ensure always proper eye adaptation and audit security

  • user-adjustable timer (1, 3 or 5 minutes)

  • integrated in the blue (non yellow or greenish) signal LED


auto switch-off and on feature safe for maximum life-time and energy saving

for cost efficient usage of UV LED technology and minimization of TCO (total costs of ownership)